Help Us Out!

How it works:
  1. Email me at for a free S(care) bag! Our gift to you, to thank you for helping our community!

  2. Go to your local supermarkets/ convenience stores and keep an eye out for toiletries, socks, hand sanitizer, disposable facemasks, and wipes!

  3. Drop off your collected toiletries/socks to one of our drop-off locations:

    1. TBT for next halloween​


COVID-19 Changes:

Due to the recent pandemic, we can not recommend trick-or-treating for toiletries like in past years. However, we do have new ways for you to help out!

  1. ​Adding hand sanitizer, disposable facemasks, and wipes to your donation list

  2. Make sure all donations are in unopened packages and unused

  3. Wipe down packages before donating (we will also be wiping down any donations once we receive them)


When dropping off your donations:

Please be courteous and make sure to put your donations in one of the S(care) collection boxes. Boxes will be collected around November 7th